Bizigo’s Trust and Safety team is responsible for keeping the marketplace a safe, well-lit place for people around the world to buy and sell with one other.

Actively working to enable members to buy safely, Bizigo fosters trust between members through the development and enforcement of rules and policies, the creation of reputation-building programs, and the prevention of fraud.

Bizigo also works behind-the-scenes to prevent fraud and, in the event a problem occurs, Bizigo proactively works with law enforcement and government agencies throughout the world to enforce its policies. Rooted in the values of the marketplace, Bizigo’s policies are aimed at offering a level playing field, encouraging open, honest, and accountable transactions, and creating economic opportunities for everyone.

To help the community trade safely and build trust with one another, Bizigo offers the following tools, programs, and resources:

Bizigo Feedback:

Feedback is each user’s reputation on Bizigo. Through positive, negative, and neutral ratings and comments, each Bizigo member has a Feedback score. All seller scores are displayed in the Seller the Service listing page. Bizigo Feedback fosters trust between people by acting as both an incentive to do the right thing and as a mark of distinction for those who conduct transactions with respect, honesty, and fairness.

Bizigo Security Center:

The Bizigo Security Center provides guidance on buying safely, selling safely, and paying safely, as well as valuable third-party, government and law-enforcement resources. The Security Center is a valuable resource for all users, from first-time buyers who want information on safeguarding online transactions to high-volume sellers who want to protect their copyrights.